Get The Best Hosting Plan Today From Liquid Web

Post by: Admin, 2017-01-10 03:09:39

If you are up for a business that you want introduced to the world, look no more as you have secure, reliable, fast, hassle-free, and worry-free round-the-clock hosting. With Liquid Web have a 100% power and network uptime guarantees and the most helpful humans in hosting.

With Liquid Web, you make it great while they make it work

Liquid Web are perfect match for web hosting needs big or small, managed or unmanaged, dedicated, VPS, or cloud.

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If you are wondering what facilities does Liquid Web offer? Here is your answer. 


Liquid Web has exemplary hosting plans that suit your every need. Here you not only have products for your every hosting need, but with Liquid Web’s industry-leading Heroic Support® you are reassured that your website or application is in good hands.

At Liquid Web you get

1. Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Here you have your own managed dedicated server, hosted in a Liquid Web Data Center which is fully backed 24/7 by highly trained and certified techs.

The servers are single or dual processors, SSD RAID 1 Primary Drive and minimum of 16 GB of RAM

2. The Storm Platform Cloud Hosting

At Liquid Web you get fully managed Cloud VPS or Cloud Dedicated servers which provide you the control of a dedicated server with the flexibility of the cloud.

You get lightning fast SSD, instant provisioning and easily upgrade or downgrade.

3. Introducing Cloud Sites

It is the epitome in cloud hosting which is unbelievably scalable and purpose-built for designers and web professionals.

The Cloud Sites are multi-server & fully redundant, ever-expandable platform and next-gen dashboard.


4. Completely and Truly Managed Word Press

Liquid Web provides you hassle-free WordPress hosting tuned for speed, performance, and security - and free of limits to visitors & plug-ins with blazing page load speed, automatic backups & updates and staging sites for development.


With Liquid Web you have solution for your every problem, for your every need. Following are the solutions that they offer:

1. Enterprise Class

2. High Performance

3. Hybrid Hosting

4. Disaster Recovery

5. HIPAA Complaint

6. Cloud-Linux

7. Linux Hosting

8. Game Servers

9. Windows Hosting

10. SMB Hosting


Liquid Web enhances your hosting environment and customizes it with their wide range of hosting services. From databases and security services, to networking and storage needs, their services are guaranteed to take your site or application to the next level.

Their services include

1. Storage and Backup

Liquid Web allows you to protect your important data with its storage and back up options.

2. Network Service

With Liquid Web you can establish the exemplary network configuration for your business.

3. Security Services

With Liquid Web’s security services, you are ensured that your business is safe and secure.

4. Software Services

With their software services, Liquid Web has all your projects managed including blogs, CMS and more.

5. Email Services

Liquid Web renders you mail hosting which is available for both Windows and Linux with 24 hours Heroic Support®.

6. Database Services

With Liquid Web’s database services you can install, configure and manage MySQL or  MSSQL databases.

7. Log Storage

With log storage, you can store, monitor and manage your server logs.


So whatever may be your network problems, have them handled flawlessly with Liquid Web.