Home Sweet Home With Pier1

Post by: Admin, 2016-10-27 23:40:32

Whether it is a rough day at work or frustrating day at school, the one place that comes to our mind to escape such tension is home. It is our safe haven where no matter how hard times are, there is this impregnable belief that it will fade away.

Since a house is not just a piece of land with four walls, it is a feeling, a habit and Pier1 understands it. This twenty seventeen, Pier 1 brings you an extensive range of furniture for your house so you could furnish and make it as beautiful as it has made your life.

As a token of gratitude for all that a house has ever done for you, Pier 1 is just what you need. So, if you want to give your living room a new look or it’s your kitchen that demands your attention, have whatever you want with Pier 1. 

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Make The First Impression Last

When your guests enter your house, mesmerize them beforehand with your luxurious patio. Accentuate the charm of your outdoors with Pier 1’s range of outdoor furniture that includes patio furniture, patio umbrella, patio cushions and pillows, dinnerware and entertaining, patio and home décor.

And not just for your guests, for you too. With a patio that looks so appealing, who would want to remain in the house when it’s bright and sunny outside?

The Chamber Of Secrets

Where every joy is celebrated together, where every misery is suffered together, where every secret is discussed and well kept, it is the room which binds a family together; the living room.

The living room is the life and the soul of your house and to make it even more stunning as Pier1 brings you an elegant collection of living room furniture including chairs, sofas and sectional, ottomans, accent and coffee tables, TV stands, cabinets and chests, shelves and bookcases and room dividers.

Forget Restaurants, Dine At Home

When you can have restaurant like food and ambiance at home, why step to dine out? Bring some changes to your dining room to elaborate your cooking. Because when both the food and the room look so appealing, how can you resist the temptation?

Pier1 has for you everything that you need for your delectable dining such as dining tables, dining chairs, bar stools, dining benches, bar cabinets and carts, buffets and hutches, kitchen islands, dining rooms set and much more. At Pier1 you also get a number of dinnerware, table linens and accessories, glassware, serve ware, kitchen and canisters and serving utensils to make each dinner extraordinary.

For Sweet Dreams

How wonderful would it be if you could just step into your bedroom and feel half of your exhaustion go away just at the sight of it.

Make your bedroom the coziest place ever with Pier1’s wide range of bedroom furniture that includes headboards, beds and daybeds, dressers, chest and armories, nightstands, vanities, benches and closet organizers so that you can bring sophistication to your bedroom and sooth your tension. You can also select from a wide range of pillows, throws and blankets, cushions, bean bags and poufs to be at your utmost comfort.

At Pier1 you can find everything from office furniture to bathroom equipments. You will also be amazed at Pier1’s range of mats, rugs, curtains and home linen and their brilliant ideas for small spaces. So this New Year let your resolution be to payback a quarter of what your house has given you.