Travel Around Europe With DFDS Seaways

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This new year, lessen your exhaustion and plan to take a trip around Europe with DFDS seaways vouchers. Add moments to your travel diaries, make memories and have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

DFDS Seaways vouchers render you a chance to discover European cruise routes so that you have a unforgettable cruise experience.

From luxurious accommodation to delectable dining and from tax free shopping to entertainment and activities, DFDS Seaways vouchers provide you all at their cruise for once in a lifetime experience.

With DFDS Seaways.

Here are the European cruise routes that you could visit with DFDS Seaways for a momentous time.


Copenhagen to Oslo


Oslo to Copenhagen


Amsterdam to Newcastle


Newcastle to Amsterdam

Visit to Copenhagen

The capital and the most populated city of Denmark; Copenhagen has a dozen places to travel and explore. Among many places to visit, some of them are as follows

1. Tivoli Gardens

Here at Tivoli Garden, there are more than 20 attractions including roller coaster, rounabouts, halls of mirrors, pantomime, puppet and open air theaters. Here you will find a number fo restaurants and cafes, flower gardens and Moorish-styled concert hall.

2.Christiansborg Palace

A palace that is the home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and Supreme Court while several parts still used by the Royal House, this 800 years of history should be tourist’s first priority to visit.

Visit to Oslo

Oslo, the capital and most populous city of Norway is a tourist’s must visit. Here, are many attractions that will leave your dumbstruck by their beauty.

1. Akershus Fortress

Build in 1299 under the king Håkon Vand and completed in the 1300s is a great place to discover Oslo’s history on a summer day.

2. Aker Brygge

The heart and soul of the city; Aker Brygge is build around an abandoned shipyard. It’s hassled days and nights and it’s magnificent architecture compliments Norway’s natural beauty and thus happens to be tourist’s favorite spot.

Visit to Amsterdam

The capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of Netherland; Amsterdam, happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Here is a few natural landscapes that it offers.

1. The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum or The Museum of the Netherlands is one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions. Here you will find some seven million works of art and more than 35000 books and manuscripts in its well stocked library.

 2. The Begijnhof

Possessing well-kept green lawns, courtyards and some of Amsterdam’s oldest houses, Begijnhof is one of the placid inner city spots that are often neglected during the tour because of the hustle of one attraction to another which is definitely a shame.


Visit to Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is a city of northeast England on the Tyne River north of Leeds which offers various tourist attractions.

1. Newcastle Castle

Completed in 1172, the castle offers you to explore its old passages and medival chambers, splendid archaeological artifacts and breathtaking view of the city from the tower.

2. The Tyne Bridges

The symbol of the city; Tyne Bridge was opened by King George in 1928 and was at the time the largest arch of any bridge in the world.

This new year tour Europe’s most serene places with DFDS Seaways.